Day 18 Oil isn’t a toppoing or a flavor – 30 Days of Lazy Health

18. Oil isn’t a topping or flavor

So many recipes (aside from baking) talk about adding oil, yet so many people seem to have missed the point that adding butter/oil was never about the food.

Butters and salts were initially in recipes for curing and preservation.  Then we squeezed some oil out of some seeds and discovered through all these oily elements, that oil was far healthier for you than the churned fat that is butter.  Even then, we use oil way too much!

Remember the days before we all owned non-stick pans?  Good.  I’m glad.  Because that is where the existence of oil came into most of the recipes we still use today.  Oil was an element of non-stick.  A dash of oil in your vegetables?  So they don’t stick to the pot!  A dash of oil in your pasta?  The same!  Somehow, many of us have gotten off track with thinking oil is healthier and oil is part of the flavor.  But, it isn’t…

Go back to basics.  Still use oil in your cooking.  However, realize that you’re seasoning the pan… not the dish, and remember that oil and butter are not the same thing.  You need far, far, far, far less oil than you would butter.  You can literally cook one drop at a time.  3 or 4 drops is enough to help you move the seasoning of a dish all around your chicken and veges to coat them with a pepper of some kind.  Just the same, oiling your pan is different from standing oil in the bottom of your pan.  Your chicken doesn’t need to be IN oil.  It just needs the oil to keep it from sticking to the pan.

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