Day 20 Brush your teeth – My Lazy Health Habits

20. Brush your teeth

Here’s an unusual tip – something I have picked up from health professionals that work with addicts of all kinds (including food addicts).  One of their tips and tricks they give mainly to smokers is to brush their teeth often and to specifically brush with that spicy cinnamon flavored tooth paste.  Why?  Toothpaste makes everything taste bad.  More specifically, if you try to light a cigarette with cinnamon flavoring in your mouth, the reaction is powerfully heated and you’ll never want to do it again.

I’m sure you’ve brushed your teeth in the morning just before you grabbed yourself a to-go orange juice and ran out the door to work only to discover that orange juice tasted like the most vile drink you’ve ever had.  This is the same idea.  If you have a problem eating or overeating, by brushing your teeth you not only trigger your brain to think, “My teeth are clean, I shouldn’t eat any more,” you make tasting completely unpleasant.

Brushing teeth, however, is not the only hygiene habit that can help you lead a healthier life overall.  It has been proven that if you’re using pleasant smelling shampoos and sugary tasting toothpastes, that this actually backfires on you.  Try not to use tooth gel.  Use the actual paste. Don’t get the striped sugary flavored kind.  Likewise, don’t have super florally smelling shampoos and conditioners.  The sugar taste in your toothpaste, triggers your brain to think you’re hungry.  Certain scents that often candle-scents, are designed to make us feel at-home, comfortable, and… you guessed it… they make us feel hungry.  Something about comfort triggers our need to eat something.  So don’t get too comfortable!  If you’re trying to lose weight, avoid sweet-smelling-anything.  Run a house candle only during dinner time.  Swap your shampoos for something more herbal, natural smelling.  And brush those teeth vigorously.  A little listerine goes a long way as well!

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