Day 21 Change the channel – My Lazy Health Habits

21. Change the channel

When I am struggling to do better with my health habits, television gets to me the most.  In fact, sometimes it just makes me angry!  I can never understand why they show commercials at night for things that you can’t even get in that moment if you wanted them.  Late night snacks.  Late night runs to restaurants that aren’t even open.  Why?!?  That’s when they know you’re sitting there, salivating.  That’s when they know they can put that idea in your head and you’ll absolutely act on it.  If it is a grocery item, you’ll march right to your kitchen and eat what you have of it, having to go back to the grocery the next day to buy more.

Let’s say you’re a commercial-skipper.  Great!  You have one of those fancy thing-a-ma-jigs that allows you to zip right past commercials.  That’s why today, product placement inside of television shows and films is so apparent.  What once seemed subtle, is now almost annoyingly blatant.  When you’re at your hungriest, you won’t even realize that it was all triggered by a cereal box in the background of the television show you just watched or the Starbucks coffee cup someone was briefly holding.  That’s how they get you!

Still, watching television at night is the thing to do.  Everyone does it.  So how can you stop?  You don’t.  You take care of that glycemic index of yours and you eat right, you eat well, you eat healthy, and you keep all those tempting products entirely out of your home so that when you’re sitting there mindlessly starring into your television at night like I do, the worst damage you can possibly do to yourself at night is to walk to the kitchen and grab a handful of almonds to suppress the hunger.

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