Formula 1: Jon Bovi?

“Did he just say Jon Bovi?” I can’t remember which one of us said it as we heard an overhead announcement walking through the underground traffic circle of people trying to make their way between Esplanada or Gate 3 to Zone 4. Everybody wants to be in Zone 4. 

If you don’t know anything about Singapore or Formula 1, I’ll tell you it’s a night race with the world’s most talented drivers and the world’s fastest cars. That’s pretty much all you need to be sold on the greatness that is this stop on the Formula 1 circuit. To put in even simpler terms, have you seen Cars 2? Well, this race is what put Monacco on the map, but it is for those sassy open wheel cars only. 

Like Monacco, the best way to see the track is by reserving a hotel room with a complete track view. We reserved ours long in advance after Stark and I scoped hotels in January. 

With the right room reserved, we were able to just buy preferred walkabout passes to the race that allowed us to go wherever we wanted if and when we wanted to actually brave the 150% humidity that will forever be Singapore. I can’t even begin to describe how happy I was to NOT have to sit for hours in the sticky sun, waiting for a race to start like any other grand stand sufferer. 

Singapore has been having fires around the city so suffering was at an all time high with a thick black smog rolling in and out of the city the entire time we were there. I had to wear my mask the entire time – combating the lethal combo of whooping cough and whirling smoke. 

We went through with our passes only Friday and Sunday. 

Friday night was our first night there so we walked the various zones of the race, watched practices trackside and from the room, and went and found the world’s greatest chili crab restaurant for dinner. The crab was so unbelievable that Jaimal wouldn’t let a single bite go. If you’ve ever seen a dish of chili crab, it’s essentially a gigantic grab in a large bowl of chili sauce. We had a 1.5 kilo grab and Jaimal cleaned that bowl right up! He ate bowls of sauce like it was soup. That’s one guy that’s doing it right when it comes to the spice of life! 

Saturday we ventured around the city – mostly on the gardens and casino side, going back and forth for foods and activities. From there we crossed over into Chinatown where everyone had frog for dinner except me. I was too hot to eat and had just witnessed a local spitting up their food by the mess hall trash can, so I was not onboard with a foodie adventure to say the least. 

Qualifying was that night. We already went over the sorrows of qualifying on my previous post. The actual race on Sunday, wasn’t a whole lot less dramatic for me. This race was record breaking and history making in the opposite direction of any kind of history I would have opted for. For all of these season and I believe even all of last season, this was the first race no one on the Mercedes team even took pole position in qualifying. I was sure it was all part of the plan and they’d make up for it in the race, but alas, no one really made any passes in the race. The first three pole positions were also the three to make it to the podium. Everyone behind them went up or down in their race position only due to a great deal of on track drama. Crashes. Tire punctures. Engine problems. With no edplanation, Lewis went out with an incomplete race. In the very last lap DH’s favorite, Grojean left the race with a no complete. The action was non stop. Stark had to survive sharing the room not only with my friends, but with a coworker of his who witnessed my nervously eating salad, throwing down my chicken wings, shaking the television, banging on the sliding glass window, and in the end… Sitting like a child on the ground, on top of my feet, slunked forward with my forehead to the front of the hotel room dresser as I whimpered over and over again, “Nooo. Nooo. Nooooo.” The night was entertaining to say the least. 

Like all good track events, the party wasn’t over yet. We made our way down to covetted zone 4 after the race where we scoped out the perfect viewing point for a last night hoorah with Bon Jovi in concert. Jaimal and I were THOSE people – you know the ones that are singing so loud they can’t keep tone and people just keep turning and starring? Yea. That’s me! That means I successfully made it on someone’s Instagram or YouTube all three days of the event. First, for my creepy mask. Then, for Stark and I playing ping pong 360 with mad skills, and now, for tone dead awesomeness. What better way to spend a last night of a dramatic race, and even more importantly, what better way to spend the last night with friends? This marked the end of our 21 days together as Jaimal and DH ventured back to the United States after visiting us in Australia and attending this race with us. I couldn’t ask for better friends to end such an event with. We had a blast. 


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