Go Left. 

So, I’ve had this brilliant and dangerous idea pop into my head: I’m going to try keeping a jog blog. No, I’m not going to blog about jogging. I mean, maybe. But, mostly no. It shouldn’t be news that I’m a chronic multitasker. It’s a terrible habit, but in some cases (like jogging), it keeps me entertained enough to maintain a strong habit. 

As if listening to pace setting music, tracking my steps with my Fitbit, and staying hydrated weren’t already busy enough, I’m thinking I can make all those overlooked blog updates while I get in my steps. 

So, let’s give it a try. If I fly off the treadmill, you’ll never hear from me again. It’s simple enough. I’ll probably be dead. Ok, maybe not. But, I’m getting too old for fast recoveries. 

First day of the jog blog? Oh, I dunno. I have plenty I could say, but the truly apparent thing right now is that this is my first day in a REAL gym as a REAL gym member since my freshman year of college. This is also my first time working out as an Aussie. That probably doesn’t sound life changing to you, but let me explain. 

Australia isn’t a sue-happy culture like the states, and therefore, you can expect NOT to find any blatant precautions. Leave it to me to get off the treadmill and completely miss the step down indication. So first, I did a lovely dance off the cardio platform. Then, I went right through circuit training. Again, doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Aussie’s get really mad when you go right (American style) rather than left. You just walk left, and never pause to turn left. Me? I go against the grain much to the dismay of my fellow gym mates. I can lost more, but the overall point here is just how awesome I am. The end. 

Also, Spotify’s run algorithm is the best thing ever. 

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