A Jog Blog: Girl Power

Having great friends is dangerous business. The leading ladies of my life are all so inspiring and encouraging humanbeings with real stories, real efforts, and fantastic triumphs that keep me going. I just want to give a shout out to those amazing girls. 

My very best friend and sister, Alissa, is a constant example of heart and hard work. She is a constant source of the best advice. She is steady. She is real. She isn’t afraid to tell me how it is. She isn’t afraid to share. Her transparency with me has been nothing but inspiring for me to watch her become the world’s most reliable, loving mother, and to advance in her career with her full heart forward, always. 

A long time friend of mine that I unfortunately rarely speak to, Jenny, is setting the pace for millennial entrepreneurs everywhere. She has come so far and is so willing to learn. That is a rare aspect of most entrepreneurs. She just wants to take in information from everyone around her, and her open heart and calm nature over the years have led her to meet and become a vital part of so many people’s lives. She has a world of power at her fingertips and you will never see her give in, give up, or grow defensive. She has amazing creativity and a calmness that all of us can learn from. 

My friend Lindsay here in Sydney is in so many ways my complete twin and so opposite of me. We think alike. We act alike. We do almost everything alike, except in the way we react. She is new to Australia and she overcome every barrier to entry. She simply doesn’t see it or regard it. She just DOES. As a result, she continues to land these amazing career opportunity is as a fashion production manager for internationally recognized fashion labels. And she rocks it! She deals with so many communication battles that I can relate to as an international manager, but she never lets it get her down. She never assumes. She just acts. If something seems strange and misplaced, if someone is placing all the blame on her without reason, she doesn’t take that weight home with her. She makes the call. She finds the truth. She proves herself every day without bringing an ounce of defensiveness to the table, and I am in awe of that.

My friend Sally here in Melbourne is such an example of work-life balance and personal drive. She takes on challenges at work and she takes on challenges with her personal goals, and she attack it! She methodically works her way through everything and has learned how to succeed at everything she puts herself in. She has the Midas touch, as they say! 

All of these girls are absolutely beautiful, strong people and not even close to the only examples that I cling to in my life. Sometimes I let the bad sides of my career get to me; I find myself annoyed by the numbe and of people self promoting their ideas online without giving the big picture  any thought and ignoring a sense of quality or order. I get all kinds of upset about these ridiculous things, but I can’t be. The lives that so many of my friends choose to share with me and sometimes share with the entire online world, are inspirations. Like many, I may not engage. I may not respond. But simply seeing the passion of others displayed online can often be enough to keep me on my own path. 

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