All in a matter of moments. 

As a kid, I dreamt about my some-day office and not things like getting married. If you dressed smart and had frequent phone conversations, I was amazed by you. I wanted to be you. Today, I have all the importance that my 4 year old self saw in anyone else. And I am just amazed at all we can consume in a day. Today alone, I had a regular phone call, a Google Hangouts call, and I had a strategy meeting via Snapchat video. I created an Instagram story. I read articles about Spotify and record label contracts. I project managed content across Basecamp and so much more all from my phone in a matter of moments all between break out sessions of my second business conference this week. And it’s all just amazing… Baby Caz is so proud. 😀

Oh and by the end of the night I will have called 3 Ubers and gone back to a hotel I also booked on my phone. 

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