All or Nothing.

I have a problem.  I always do things backwards and definitely what would appear to be the hard way.  Like, once I dropped $45,000USD on a brand new dream car with a manual transmission without even the slightest idea on how to drive a stick-shift car.  Oh!!!  The anxiety I put myself through placing that kind of dollar amount on my ability to learn what felt entirely impossible at the time, is exactly what led me into finally getting it right (many weeks later, but we won’t discuss how long it took).

Now I’ve gone and done it again.

No, I didn’t buy a  new car.  I’ve rid myself of car ownership for the time being.  Instead, after going back and forth on the idea for the last year – weighing the pros and cons, visiting and trying out a variety of office spaces and spots, and nearly signing up for two different places had it not been for their abhorrent customer service – I am now the proud “owner” of office space.



I haven’t even incorporated yet.  I’m still a standing contract working sole proprietor, and have been quite happy being one, but I haven’t really been budging in any direction.  I have new ideas almost every day that are brilliant and amazing.  But, like so many others, I don’t take time for my own projects.  Why should I?!? We’d all rather do what we get paid for because money… is nice!  And for all those hours I’m not cashing it into the bank, I’m cashing out with the love of my life and being, for lack of a better term, domestic!  (Although, if you repeat that it is punishable by Caz-law).

I have plans.  Plans that I may never do if I don’t start doing something drastic, and this is my drastic.

The office opens officially November 1 where I will be greeted by other early sign-ups and have my very first lunch & learn all about the community, the workspace, and everyone else involved.

A New York company with a large London office results in the perfect combination of style + ease.  The steez of this place is unreal.  The design is invigorating and inventive.  While the perks seem the same as any other office space I’ve tried out in recent months, the way this is designed and run is so, so, so much more.

The community capability alone expands well beyond the reaches of who you might accidentally find yourself speaking to in the common area, and it includes a full internal and international network of “hot deskers” around the world.  And to top it off, I get five days every month that I can utilize from any of their locations world wide.

Yea.  That means when I find myself in Seoul and my client is having a CRM-induced crisis, I can pop into one of their office locations there and be welcomed with open arms and all the same perks.  What it also means is that I have now expanded my network to 70,000 professionals in the same hardworking, dedicated, work-to-live don’t live-to-work mindset that I have.  That’s 70,000 people throughout the world that are at my fingertips to hire on for additional project help and expand what I can offer.

This is all just in time for my favorite month of the year – November.

Why?  November is National Novel Writing Month (or something like that), otherwise known as NaNoWriMo.  For two years in a row, I managed to piece together the mandatory 50,000 words in less than three weeks. Last year, much to my own disappointment, I never made it past the first page.  This year, I’m excited to be stepping into my new, first-time office space just in time to turn this NaNo plan into something substantial.

Plan A: The NaNo Plan

One of my personal projects that has sat desk-side for two years now, bench warming with half a dozen other ideas, is to take my most recently written novel and turn it into a whole… thing.  As I wrote those 50,000 words, I realized the project was not even 1/3 of the way finished.  It wasn’t a book.  It was a series.  It wasn’t a series.  It was a TV show.  It wasn’t a TV show.  It was a documentary.

It is a multi-faceted project to say the least and I’m dedicating myself to digging into it during this NaNo session.

Plan B: The BackUp NaNo

But you can’t always force art and you can’t always get passed the fact that one of the rules of NaNoWriMo is no looking.  No editing.  So I may not be able to convince myself that I can “go back” and may be on to starting something else entirely.  That brings us to Plan B.  Plan B goes along with my new major project which has also gone through a series of ideas.  The reality is, nothing I have is ever just one single item to deliver.  In this case, the project started out with a sort of TEDTalks version of my own blabber-mouthing, but then I couldn’t decide if I wanted it to be all about business and marketing or if I wanted it to be about a variety of subjects just like TED. All I knew was, I wanted to help people and create an avenue for public speaking in my life.

Now, it is a book.  It is a life and business coaching program.  It is a video series.  It is a live webisode.  It is a collaboration of people.  It is a luxury travel agency.  It is a magazine.  And it is something I am just as excited about as everything else I have on the table.

Plan C: If You Build It…

Reference the sentence above:

But, like so many others, I don’t take time for my own projects.  Why should I?!? We’d all rather do what we get paid for because money… is nice!

While I have every intent of solidifying what it is I do for clients like Boostability and creating a more solid plan to grow that into a business-partner relationship, the nature of humanity is to do what it takes and nothing more.  And quite frankly, the definition of “what it takes” is a sliding scale that even I can’t keep up with.

Above all else, growing and solidifying a new contract to replace my current role with the company is inevitable and it is a very real thing that has to happen sooner than later.  While it is going to take some serious time to work that out into legal terms, that part is the easy part.  The difficult part is growing a business so that you yourself can truly be a manager and not just another worker.

Through recent years of work experience and throughout my MBA, you learn how to work hard.  You learn how to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and start at the beginning.  You learn that no matter how you plan your day, you’re going to have an additional amount of full-time work placed on your desk with extreme urgency.  But I’ve done that, and I’ve done it several times.  I’m in marketing so it is no wonder how many times I’ve been capable of reinventing myself in my career and career path just as I’ve been capable of reinventing the definition of a “work day” in my own life.  But, I don’t want to do any more reinventing.  I want to get on with it and move toward perfecting.

This links back in to Plan B, and like all other things, it becomes a whole new animal all on its own.

With the perfection of how I propose, how I deliver, and how I run my own business will come to the capacity to start down the road of a new passion of mine: slow living.

With that, I’ll explain nothing more and leave you with all these fun ideas and the promise that I will deliver.  Or else…



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